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3. After booking

Will I receive confirmation documents after my booking is completed?

You will receive an accommation voucher once we have received your deposit. Any equipment, passes, ski school and meal basket vouchers you have purchased will be sent to you once your balance is paid. All documents are kept in your "My account".

How do I get access to "My account"?

To get access to your details, click on "My account" link on the top right corner of the home page of the website and enter your personal details.

How do I get the address of my accommodation?

After full payment you will receive a voucher with the details of your accommodation (telephone number and postcode).

Is there anything I will need to pay for upon arrival?

You will need to pay for compulsory services as mentioned on your voucher and the information is available on your "My account".

Can I arrive later than planned?

Your arrival times are shown on your voucher. If you are due to arrive later, please contact the accommodation beforehand for keys collection, theses details are indicated on your voucher.

Can I arrive earlier than planned?

It is not possible however you can contact Ski Planet on 00334 79 22 15 68 who advise what options are available.

Is it possible to leave before the due date?

It is possible to leave before the due date by giving the receptionist sufficient notice. No refunds will be made.

I need to change my booking. What can I do?

Your booking can only be modified if at all possible and if the owner or manager agree and there is availability. Please note an administration charge of EURO 50 is payable. If cancellation charges occur these will be charged to you. For more information contact Ski Planet on 00334 79 22 15 68 or via mail.

Which documents are required on arrival?

Upon arrival at your accommodation, a hard copy of your voucher will be required. This would have been sent to you by email and is available on your "My account".

How do I cancel my holiday without insurance?

You must write to Ski Planet to request your holiday cancellation. Charges will apply according to when the cancellation is made (see cancellation tariffs in your "My account")

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