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2.2 Payment

What are the methods of payment?

A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance must be paid one month before your arrival.

If you book 21 days or less before the start of your holiday, the total of your booking must be paid.

Does the price vary according to the number of people booked in one accommodation?

The price is based on the accommodation regardless of the number of occupants.

How do I enter a promotional code?

The promotional code box can be found on stage 3/5 before completing the payment.

Is the site secure?

The online booking service is secure. Ski Planet has a service agreement with Banque Populaire regarding E-commerce, called "le service Cyberg Paiement". This agreement protects the necessary functions to administer a payment and secure acquisition of payment via the Internet. La Banque Populaire manages the security of transactions and ensures the protection and management of encryption keys.

Which methods of payment can I use to pay for my holiday?

You can pay by cheque or "cheques vacances" ANCV (holiday check - in case of ANCV holiday check refund, 10€ extra fees will be asked) and/or gift voucher (only Cadhoc cheques, Kadéos Edenred Infini, Kadéos Edenred Select, Mon cadeau Liberte Tirgroupe, Mon Cadeau Bonheur TirGroupe - cheques Bons d'achat Kadeos and other bank cheques payable to Ski Planet. These cheques must be sent recorded delivery to Societe Ski Planet, Siege Social, Chalet La Perdrix des Neiges, 195 rue Emile Machet, 73350 Bozel. The balance will be taken 30 days before arrival.

What are the benefits of card payments?

Card payments are secure and fast. Your booking documents will arrive quicker and you will avoid any potential postal delays.

Please note that each bank card has a credit limit. Ski Planet recommends that you check your individual limit before booking.

Can I pay with more than one bank card?

It is possible if you make the payment over the phone. Please contact our booking team on 00334 79 22 15 68.

When will the payment be debited from my account?

Card payments are normally debited 48 hours after processing by Ski Planet except if you have a deferred payment card.

What happens if my payment is returned?

It is possible for your payment to be returned if your limit is breached. If so please call Ski Planet on 0033 4 79 22 15 68 and speak to one of our advisers who will take you through your options.

Can I pay partly with holiday vouchers and the remainder by cheque?

Yes, you can use holiday vouchers for part payment and the remainder by cheque.

Do you accept VACAF vouchers?

No, Ski Planet does not accept those vouchers.

Do you accept CAF vouchers?

Yes, Ski Planet will stamp and return them to you.

Please send your vouchers to:

Ski Planet
Chalet La perdrix des neiges
195 rue Emile Machet
73350 BOZEL

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