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Guarantee summary under contract n° EVT20171297.008 taken out with Groupe Special Lines for Axeria Insurance Limited Progetta House, Level 2, Tower Road, Swatar, Birkirkara BKR4012, Malta.




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R.C.Corbeil – Essonnes A 312 509 425 – Siret 312 509 425 00061 – Code APE 672 Z – Orias n°17002203

Financial coverage and Civil Liability Insurance in accordance with articles L.530.1 and L.530.2 du of the Insurance Code.

This agreement is entered into by the SUBSCRIBER :

195 rue Emile Machet - Chalet La perdrix des neiges 73350 BOZEL

Phone 04 79 22 15 68 - Fax 04 79 24 74 79

And its purpose is to cover :

Definition : The insured is the person who books the stay, his or her spouse or concubine, their relatives in the ascending or descending lines, sons in law, daughters in law, brothers, sisters or persons mentioned or designated.

Refund of amounts paid for the price of the stay after deducting the insurance premium and booking fees, including the related rental services, which the Insured should pay in the event of cancellation as a result of the following events :


The refund of the stay price shall be calculated in proportion of the time unused as a result of the interruption, resulting from any of the events listed in the Cancellation coverage - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


It is agreed that the coverage shall not be effective in any of the situations specified below :
Sickness or accident that the Insured is aware of upon reserving, resulting in treatment during the month before the rental reservation date.

Pregnancy except for any complications due to that condition, miscarriage, birth and consequences, within one month before the effective reservation date.

For thermal treatment, need for aesthetic treatment (except as a result of an accident or sickness), psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous breakdown.

Sickness or accident due to alcoholism, drunkenness, use of non medically prescribed medicines, drugs, narcotics.

Accident caused by the practice of sport : flying, bobsleigh, skeleton, mountain climbing, ice hockey, car sports, scuba-diving.

All the consequences of the “SARS-CoV-2 ou Covid-19” epidemic, and their mutation(s), as well as the direct or indirect consequences of epidemics and/or pandemics of diseases of viral and/or bacterial origin which are the subject of a declaration of public health emergency by a State or by the WHO, or which lead, in at least one State, to a public health policy involving restrictive and constraining measures in terms of population movement and health treatment.

The absence of randomness,

Application fees, cleaning costs, insurance premium, airport taxes (reimbursed by the carrier or any collecting body) and visa fees are non-refundable.


The guarantee is acquired only if the purchase and payment of ski passes are made at Ski Planet and exclusively. If the Insurant appeals to a service authorized and/or approved to evacuate him further to an accident or a disease exclusively on the skiing area (pistes, except nearness pistes, cash desks and their surroundings in a range of 150m) validated by the Subscriber, the Insurer makes a commitment to take care of charged expenses (punnet, sled, helicopter or others) between the place of the accident or disease and the consulting room or more appropriate medical establishment including expenses transports of pay return in the place of residence in the ski resort (are excluded transport costs of the Insurant in the main thing of return to his residence).
It is clarified that guaranteed aid costs are applied for the Insurant with or without ski equipments on skiing area.
If the Insurant supplies all the written proof of his evacuation (original of the ski pass, the medical certificate, the invoice of evacuation, subscription of the insurance..), the Insurer makes a commitment to settle the tax authorities or the administration for expenses committed and consecutive to the operations made by the professionals having concluded an agreement with the Insurer or the Subscriber (pistes service, ambulance drivers) according to the contractual measures this - above. In defect, the Insurant will settle directly the tax authorities or the administration. An absolute amount of 77 €, always deduced, will be requested to the insured.

Limit of guarantee:
· In France ................. taking up charged expenses
· Except France ..................................... 15 000 €


The Insurer being committed only by the unabridged contract, the latter is available for consultation at the Subscriber's who will make it available for consultation.