Train yourself !
If you don't practice regularly a sport, train yourself 1 month before the departure to prepare your body to the ski effort. Make a little gymnastics or jogging, go to the swimming pool, work your ankles, the muscles of your thighs, your suppleness...

Be prudent !
If you follow a medical treatment, consult your doctor before leaving. If you are cardiac or insufficient respiratory, prefer a low altitude ski resort...
If you are pregnant, avoid the very elevated altitude (don't pass 2500 meters and choose preference a ski resort situated less than 1500 meters), it's advised against to alpine skiing after the fourth month and nordic skiing after the sixth month. Take care of the sun special attention for kids.
The infants and the very young children are sensitive to the cold weather; Don't let them remain too long immobile.


Take a nutritious breakfast !
The big air, the cold weather, the physical efforts increase the nutritional needs, so don't forget any of them. Take with you small energizing stores (cereal bars, jelly fruit…) drink regularly during and after the effort.

Warm you up !
Before shoeing, do some warm-up exercises to stretch your muscles. For the first slope choose an easy one like green or blue.

Protect yourself !
Think about the cold weather : whatever is the conditions weather report, dress you warmly. Wear a ski cap and don't forget your gloves. Choose hot and insulated clothes. Anoraks and jackets must isolate wind and humidity. Prefer cotton t-shirts and wool sweaters. Wear several of them rather than a thick one : you will be able to undress cover you according to temperature variations and your activity during the day.
Think about the sunburns : buy a full spectrum protection cream. Take care of your eyes : the reverberation of snow and the intensity of the radiance in altitude can cause ocular unrest. Choose the glasses to assure a maximal protection against the ultra-violet ray. In accordance with the European regulation, glasses must include the "CE" marking and be accompanied by instructions specifying the protective level.

Don't overestimate your self !
Don't go beyond your physical and technical possibilities : always choose the good level slope. Listen in to your body: stop when you start to be tired.